Saturday, November 10, 2012

A Laugh-Out-Loud Song for Adults (ear muff the kiddos!)


We were introduced to these adorable, totally IRREVERENT & completely hilarious puppets a few weeks ago. They do have a "PG" version of this song & website, which we think is wonderfully thoughtful of them; however, truth be told - this is the one we laughed hardest to, as have their *new fans - so "LET IT RIP !" (& YES, EAR MUFF THE KIDS!) Laughter, in the case of The Irreverent Rebels , truly is good medicine! We encourage you to SHARE if you laugh, and do buy the song download for the whopping price of .99 cents to show your support of this Irreverent indie band ! They have a whole album in production plus more videos! Now "let's get back to the lovin!"
*Fan Comments :
"A healthy way to "blow sum steam" laughter truly the best medicine, thanks guys"
"Let it out! Let it rip! And let's get back to the friggin' lovin'!!!!
"This is a hoot. I'm glad you finished the song..."


Are You Fed Up?
Our solution is simple!
Let it out ! Let it rip ! Let's have a laugh !
BUY SONG "F**K IT ALL" here for .99 cents 
FULL MUSIC VIDEO OF SONG (adult version) 

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