Thursday, March 7, 2013

Special THANK YOU! Swan Percussion & The Black Swan


 NEW ! CrindelStar Mini & Micro Shakers !

On their way to our door ~ from SWAN Percussion!





To create a quality hand crafted, innovative, and versatile percussion instruments. Made in the USA and created from local sources whenever possible.
Company Overview
The Black Swan Drum (patented) is a new instrument created by Eric Holland and Mike Meadows. It is inspired by the Ghanian Gombe (Gome) but with many new innovations including an instant tuning system, quick head change system, and the ability to incorporate any standard 16" drum head.

 Products The Black Swan Drum, Corsoba Cajon, Corsoba Cygnet Cajon,Swangos, The Knock Box, Swan Shakers (fixed & variable)

Check out the Review  in DRUM! Magazine 

The first images & Announcement of CrindelStar shakers from Swan Percussion was posted to Facebook personal profile page of Gigi de Lugo / CEO - Tropic Heat Studios, Inc.Tuesday March 5, 2013 ~ Friends were pretty excited ! :-)

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