Tuesday, November 18, 2014

In My Opinion (imo) NEW MUSIC i am loving at 1 a.m. rocking my farmhouse with Sleep Nation

imo - Gigi de Lugo / Founder - Tropic Heat Studios
excerpt from an email I wrote at 1 a.m. this morning after hearing Sleep Nation's music for the first time - (two hours later - still listening- constant replay of their tracks - good stuff !) Rockin the Night & Day Farm + Imaginarium

"...I'm a stickler for solid lyrics -- goes with my comments about "good story" or "polishing a turd" ? (I stole that line from my favorite bass player & mr duck tape- Kenny Ames / Jason & The Scorchers ++)  -- STORY must WORK -- instrumentals are the 2nd & equal half of the whole story -- I do not want to hear predictable beats - predictable guitar licks or drum - and if production is lame -- aka " predictable" -- I'm gone.  These guys do a solid blend of classic Alt Rock Reminiscent of Jason & The Scorchers (it's the energy bursts - vocally & instrumentally!)  -- smashed up against 90's Alt Rock - Punk Rock roots -- I hear just enough of a blend here that Sleep Nation succeeds in being their OWN sound -- a balance that is supremely difficult to achieve ! "~ Gigi de Lugo
They kick ass !

They're competing for a spot on Jimmy Kimmel Live!+ prizes via Get Out of The Garage Amplifier Media contest sponsored by Converse & Guitar Center so go give them Your VOTE http://getoutofthegarage.amplifiertv.com/channel/Sleep+Nation

Check out ALL of their Music Here : via their Facebook Band Page

SLEEP NATION (Fan Review on Gig Salad)
Rocking performance!!
I was at the fair tonight and happened to overhear some rock music and I told my girlfriend, "let's go over there!". This is a spectacular band! I am now looking up about them since I got back from the fair tonight. They were great and worth seeing! I would recommend them to all my friends!
reviewer: Dwight H.
event: Fair in McMinnville, TN

Big Thanks to old friend & indie artist Cherish Hamby of Dark Waters 
for introducing us to Sleep Nation. 
Shout Out - this Saturday, Nov 22 for the 
Dark Waters  EP release party in Nashville.